Redemption Introduction Essay

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Amir’s feeling of guilt and his vital need for redemption are always a part of his life as he is growing up.

Amir resents his choice to be a coward when Hassan is raped. A few days after Hassan was assaulted, Amir already feels guilt and resentment inside him.

Amir’s guilt is so great that he cannot bear to have Hassan under the same roof, so he commits another sin.

He lies to his father and accuses Hassan of stealing.

He realizes that he is going to get away with his betrayal and yet he feels terrible.

He decides that the only way he is going to live with his remorse is to ignore Hassan, blot him out, so he does not have to think about his sin.Finally, Amir believes he can start his life over and not worry about the sin he committed against Hassan. Later on in his life he has a dream about Hassan’s death.“His [Hassan’s] hands are tied behind him with roughly woven rope…He is kneeling on the street…He lifts his face.He so desperately needs to be punished for his sin, so that he and Hassan can be friends again.Since Hassan will not give him this punishment, Amir decides that he needs to forget about his sin since there seems to be nothing more he can do about it. Somewhere in Kabul…Hassan had loved me once, loved me in a way that no one ever had or ever would again.If one’s emotions are guilt and remorse, the decisions one makes in his/her life will be greatly impacted. He even tries to get Hassan to throw pomegranates at him to give him the punishment he feels he deserves. Maybe then things could return to how they used to be between us.” (92).Amir realizes that because he was able to get away with his sin, he needs to find some way of being punished for it. Amir is so consumed by his guilt that he is not able to sleep at night.By exploring Amir’s need for atonement, one learns that finding redemption and being forgiven can allow one to finally have freedom from one’s sins and feel better about oneself.We realize that personal sacrifice, no matter at what cost, has a lasting reward.Since he was twelve, Amir has been struggling with his sin against Hassan; the fact that he did not come to the rescue of his friend.Deep down Amir always feels like he should have done something and feels horrible because he had chosen not to.


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