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Latinas also demonstrated a stronger relationship between feeling underweight and low self-esteem compared to blacks, for whom a lot/whole lot of perceived changes in curviness were related to high self-esteem.Finally, compared to the other racial-ethnic groups, changes in breast size were strongly correlated with low self-esteem and high depressive affect for Asians girls.

Student/Author: Angela Lee School Affiliation: Harvard University Paper Title: A Time-Sensitive Analysis of the Work-Crime Relationship for Young People (1.4MB) Abstract: While entrance into the labor market and desistance from crime both typically occur during the transition to adulthood, it is unclear whether employment causes reductions in crime for young people.

Employment may reduce crime by offering routines, income, and supervision.

This study posits that farmers must perceive the climate is changing as a prerequisite of engaging in adaptive strategies.

I test this by exploiting the effect of random weather fluctuations on farm real estate.

By analyzing missing values, state-to-state variations in parole rate, sampling methods, and different predictive models, I arrived at a useful practical guide for dealing with the NCRP data and a methodological outline for better predictive performance, both of which can serve as a foundation for more sophisticated analysis in the future.

Student/Author: Emalie Rell School Affiliation: Elizabethtown College Paper Title: Mother Doesn't Always Know Best: The Effects of Sex and Support for Sex Education on Views of Teen Access to Birth Control without Parental Consent (337KB) Abstract: Many individuals are unaware of the legislation dictating the availability of contraceptives for minors.

Student/Author: Matthew Utterback School Affiliation: Cornell University Paper Title: Investigating Weather Shocks and the Farmers' Perceptions of Climate Change in the American Farmland Market (3.7MB) Abstract: U. agriculture is likely to be affected by climate change due to its inherent reliance on climatic inputs.

An important difference among methods of climate change impact assess- ment is the treatment of farmer adaptation.

A theoretical model clarifies how weather shocks could affect farmland values, in which I consider farmers as Bayesian learners.

I then rely on a distributed lag model to test the hypothesis.


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