Research Paper On Customer Satisfaction

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Innovation and creativity is a crucial element in maintaining competitive edge in this industry (Lahap, O' Mahony & Dalrymple, 2014; Tigu, Iorgulescu and Ravar, 2013).

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The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) reports ranked Malaysia as the best ten tourist destination in 2012.

The Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH) has recorded a total of 2,724 hotels with a total of 195,445 hotels rooms to cater the inflow of international tourist and domestic consumption (Tourism Malaysia, 2014).

Suhartanto and Kandampully (2003) stated that " image also can be an important element in the value or brand image can support or undermine the value that customer's feel they are getting, and therefore, image can affect loyalty..." (p. Brand image can be translated into what customer could benefit, the realization customer's attributes and the customer's personality traits (Maroofi, Nazaripour, & Maaznezhad, 2012).

Image is developed in the customer's mind through the impacts of promotion, advertisement, public relations, word-of-mouth and customer's encounter with the products and services (Suhartanto & Kandampully, 2 0 03).

The industry was known to be one of the major contributors to many countries (Mohajerani & Miremadi, 2012).

In relation to that, the hotel sector emerged as a subsection of the industry that strengthened the business.The hotel industry in Malaysia has undergone a process of transformation that brought phenomenal economic expansion towards the Malaysian economy (Lahap, Said, Rose, Sumarjan & Mohi, 2014).In 2013, it was revealed that approximately 25.7 million international tourists visited Malaysia.Therefore, establishing a strong brand image is inevitable to ensure the overall organizational success.This research was conducted to study the importance of brand image towards customers’ satisfaction and to examine whether the brand image influences customers’ satisfaction.In other words, it means that when the customers assess a brand name, they spontaneously think of the features of a brand.Mohajerani and Miremadi (2012) explained that image is the overall impression made in the minds of the public about something.As proposed by Schulz and Omweri (2012) superior quality of services could add value and lead to customer retention and customer loyalty.Organization knows that their profitability is resulted from creating a strong image products or services that leads to customer loyalty (Mirzaee, Rad, & Molavi, 2013).Furthermore, it was recorded that the tourism revenue has increased from MYR 60.6 billion to MYR 65.4 billion (USD 19 billion) in 2013, an increase of 7.3% (Tourism Malaysia, 2014).Significantly, the development of hospitality industry in Malaysia has gone to a certain degree that further enhances the Malaysian Gross Domestic Product (GDP) that intertwined to the overall Malaysian economy.


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