Researching Old Newspapers

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Here are some of the best places on the web where you can find and read old newspapers and magazines online.1.

Google News – Google News indexes thousands of newspaper websites from around the world and organizes news in clusters for easy reading.

These magazines are scanned and searchable and can be read online using the standard Google Book interface.

Decades worth of material are available, and the magazines are laid out just as they were when they were originally printed.

In the past, the only way to get hold of this treasure trove of information was your local library where the back issues of certain newspapers and magazines may have been preserved.

Fortunately, the Internet and digitization of content has made everything just a click away and now you can access previous issues of old newspapers almost as easily as today’s newspaper that’s lying on your coffee table.

Some online newspaper archives are freely available to anyone, such as the Historic Australian newspapers which includes over 300 Victorian papers, such as The Argus published in Melbourne from 1846 to 1956 and The Age.

Other online archives require payment, like Pro Quest Australia & New Zealand Newsstream.

Be aware if you are accessing a free archive or one which requires you to be a registered user of a library.

If you try to access a subscription-based newspaper archive without being a registered user then your access will be blocked.


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