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The first of these is a plummeting housing market which produces a negative wealth effect among consumers, discouraging spending. In the article The (Still) High Cost of Organic Food it said that the organic market we know began evolving in the 1960’s and 70’s, when rising environmental awareness led to a backlash against pesticides and increased demand for “green” products ( Harrison, Christy).

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This was hugely attributed to the rising oil prices.

Farmers could not afford the cost of buying oil to use in their farms, these farmers turned to bio-fuels. The number of hungry people continued to rise to 1.09 billion in 2009.

This issue will influence to change people in the world into poverty.

Farmers and investors are profiting from rising food prices in the world.

The increasing demand from the middle class in developing countries is one reason.

One of the first causes to explain the food price increase was the growing demand for meat in China and milk in India. This means that each family is getting one dollar a day to spend on food.

Drought has already led to significant changes in Australia's agricultural trends.

Some farmers are abandoning rice, which requires large amounts of water, to plant less water-intensive crops like wheat or, especially in southeastern Australia, wine grapes.

If the prices of foods are rising, the money they get monthly on the ration card should be increased as well us to do things more efficiently, but the problem is that majority of has not.

Up to know both market and controlled economies have failed to achieve a sustainable allocation of resources, but why is that?


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