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Is it possible that there was actually a feminist movement in Roman times? They conducted protests of various kinds, such as against the inferior status they had in marriage, against the high death rate in wars, and promoting new cults that could address their special interests.Research suggests that “feminist” might be too strong a word for Roman women, but there was definitely a different climate for women in the Roman Empire than in other parts of the ancient world. This source provides a definite yes to the research question by giving examples that sound like the modern women’s movement, with Roman women organizing and standing up for themselves and their beliefs. “World History: the Life of Women in Ancient Rome -.” NOTE: The above sample is not intended to suggest that this is a perfect document or even an example of the best work or that the sources are sufficient or of the best quality.Paper will develop into a finished “Prospectus for a Thesis”.

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Tentative Title An Analysis of the Supreme Court’s Decision in Lukumi Babalu Aye v.

Hialeah and How the Case Fits into the Interpretation of the Practice Clause of the First Amendment Freedom of Religion Guarantee Topic Description Practitioners of the Yoba religion, also known as Santeria, sacrifice animals, including fowls, goats and turtles as part of their rituals, after which the sacrificed animals are consumed as food. “Accommodation of Religion: An Update and a Response to the Critics,” 60 Geo.

Hialeah, Fla., officials adopted an ordinance prohibiting ritual sacrifice of animals within the city limits.

The church claimed that the ordinance violated its members’ constitutional freedom of religion rights.

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In a Prospectus, you will devise a research plan that will explain your ideas in a structured format for your analysis – You will do everything except collect the data.

REFERENCES – This section will contain a list of alphabetized “References” from your literature review. You will need 6 or more references from peer reviewed journals.

APPENDIX – This section will contain a copy of your survey questionnaire.

Value of the Study The researcher will arrive at a clearer understanding of the guarantee of freedom of religion – particularly the difference between belief and an action based upon faith.

Bibliography of Tentative Sources “Babalu Aye Is Not Pleased: Majoritarianism and the Erosion of Free Exercise,” 45 U.


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