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And she's turned him on to the music of Kaira, who's coming to Austin for a big show. And each has to deal with the pressures of having to grow up too soon.

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While previous reports have focused solely on the ‘big’ issues like capital account convertibility, bank privatization, and priority sector norms, A Hundred Small Steps: Report of the Committee on Financial Sector Reforms goes deep into other areas where reforms are less controversial, but perhaps as important.

The report argues that we need a change in mindset for the financial sector, one that recognizes that efficiency, innovation, and value for money are as important for the poor as they are for our new Indian multinationals, and these will come from improved governance, new entry and competition.

And, yes, it was a big deal.” And, no, I wasn’t there.

In looking at my schedule, I’ll be in town exactly one weekend day during the run that’s open to the public. It emphasizes three important reasons for financial sector reform: to include more Indians in the growth process; to foster growth itself; and to improve financial stability, flexibility, and resilience and thus protect the economy against the kind of turbulence that is affecting the world today.The Committee recognizes this is a difficult time to propose financial sector reforms in India.Indeed the Committee believes that the road to making Mumbai an international financial centre runs through every village in India.The report is divided into separate self-contained chapters; the underlying theme behind all the proposals is the need to enhance inclusion, growth, and stability by allowing players more freedom, even while strengthening the financial and regulatory infrastructure.Director Stan Foote has chosen his cast well and guided the mostly young actors to a fluid and professional ensemble performance.Sachar's tale has lots of supporting characters, but it focuses on three people -- Armpit (Johnny Crawford), 10-year-old Ginny (Annabel Cantor), and teen pop singing sensation Kaira De Leon (Ellora Vilkin) -- with a featured supporting comedy slot for Armpit's buddy and fellow Green Lake alum, X-Ray (a flip and funny Tyler Andrew Jones).Armpit finds himself living at home, working for a landscaping firm (all that hole-digging came in handy), studying hard at school and looking for a way to move on.He hangs with his neighbor Ginny, who stutters and wears foot braces because of cerebral palsy.I’m the one who’s had my eye on this show for months. I’m the one who was trying to see how this could wedge into the schedule and — stink — he landed the gig, skedaddled with the Small Large Smelly Boy (also known as Felix/Martha in some circles), and I was stuck with chauffeur duty for the Large Large Smelly Boy who had a class at the same time. At dinner after the show, the Small LSB niftily and oh-so-casually wove it into the conversation that he got to meet Louis Sachar.


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