Snowball Sampling Dissertation

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The test fee is for members and for nonmembers.Furthermore, Facebook can be used to remain in contact with ex-participants.For example, over 150,000 people subscribed to the my Personality project's Facebook page over the years.Also, while some researchers are concerned by the risk of participants using fake Facebook profiles to join the study, this is rarely the case and such profiles are relatively easy to detect.For example, real users accumulate their friends and likes over time, whereas fake profiles are likely to be populated with likes and friends in a single burst of activity.Access to the large and diverse samples offered by Facebook could help to address a major challenge in social science: its overreliance on samples that are relatively small, student and WEIRD (Western, educated, industrialized, rich and democratic).Furthermore, Facebook can be used to circumvent the limitations of self-reports and laboratory-based studies by providing access to records of actual behavior expressed in a natural environment.(The size and diversity of the Facebook population can certainly help to minimize this disadvantage; given enough participants, the representativeness of the population can be improved by weighting.) An effective alternative to snowball sampling is offered by targeted advertising.The Facebook advertising platform can be used to target audiences defined by a wide range of preferences (such as liking "getting up early in the morning"); behaviors (liking "running"); and demographic variables including location, education, language, political views, ethnicity, sexual orientation, income and many more.One of the least expensive and most efficient ways to dip into Facebook's participant pool is by snowball sampling: convincing Facebook users to recruit their friends to join a study.If enough participants do so, the positive feedback loop may lead to self-sustaining studies with a rapid growth in sample size.


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