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The value of social interactions gradually declines while the use of social media increases continually.Clearly, social media which is a technological innovation has brought people closer as well as unintentionally isolated us.

We are unconsciously adapting to modern telecommunications while such medium has contributed to the increase of our capacity to deliver content.

For example, it is undeniable that a combination of an online media technology with offline activities bring about advocacy campaigns which greatly create social movement and impactful changes.

Technological innovation in term of communication which transfers messages changes human and the society, in the way that it unifies people, encourage participation, and expand the scale of impact.

The form of communication changes the emphasis on the way we recognize and react to the information.

Technology is able to bring about changes in so many different ways.

According to Marshall Mc Luhan, he mentioned that we should pay attention to the form of a medium rather than the content it carries.In other words it is a product of the social relations of the capitalist mode of production.Digital determinism confuses the historical development of modes of production with the fleeting ‘mode of development’ that occurs at particular moments in time.Technological innovations are neither good or bad nor neutral, it is unable to function and bring about any effects without participation from human. Engaging Science, Technology, and Society, pp.121–125. Thus, technology might not necessarily be regarded as independent variable which completely determine changes in society as itself alone would not be able to determine aspects in society, it is the combination with human activities which give them the power to do so.— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —References Hess, D. It is the choice of individuals which direct the process and outcomes through technological innovations. Even though technological advancement leads us to changes in economic, political, and cultural aspects of society, ultimately it is the man who invented technology and decide to use them in a certain way. Various social evolution theories have also mentioned likewise by illustrating an example of the creation of social media which enabled us to connect with others anytime and anywhere.However, such changes of communication also led to less genuine human interactions, face-to-face conversations.The coordination of online media to offline media is essential whether the intention of a campaign is to fulfill the needs, solve problems, or create profit.Without an online platform which enhance the capability to reach to audience, the results of a campaign might appear otherwise.


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