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In this theory, the therapist or counselor has no pre-conceived idea about the client’s problem and has no intentions of understanding the cause of the problem.

Additionally, with behavioral disorders, there exists some instances in which clients have had things; different form the problem, happen for them and that can be repeated for the current problem.

In the development of behavior disorders it important that therapist identify and acknowledge the efforts taken by a client in trying to better his or her behaviors.

The case of Joe and Beth articulates that both are aware of the problems facing their relationship and knows why they have opted for counseling.

It is clear that, Joe and Beth are not interested in what happened or where they have been; they are rather concerned with where they want be.

This is because it primarily focuses on the possible solutions to the problems (Burwell & Chen, 2006).

Additionally, it lies within the realms of brief therapy where the least time possible is used to create lasting solutions (Budman, & Gurman, 2002).

How it fits into the theory’s definition of “normal family development” Solution-Focused Family Therapy does not agree with the concept of normal family development.

This is because; Solution-Focused Family Therapy focuses more on solving problems while it disregards understanding what cause problems.

Solution focused therapy can be used to address a wide variety of......?

Family Therapy session with Jim and Pam of the TV show, The Office (US) (2005) Family Therapy session with Jim and Pam of the TVshow, The Office (US) (2005) Family therapy sessions with Jim and Pam required a family therapy model that considered the inner experiences of the clients.


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