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The metro centre has 330 shops such as Debenhams and Marks and Spencer.There is also the “New Metro Centre”, Europe’s biggest indoor theme park, shopping is a major part of city’s being built.Land use transect On each transect I will complete a land-use transect.

This transect was not as popular; however it still had a high majority that visited the CBD often.

This shows that the more services a CBD offers the greater the SOI is.

My data that I will use to find if it is truly a large sphere of influence will be completely random, this avoids all chances of bias and increases the accuracy of a fair investigation. Pedestrian Count On each transect I will complete 2 pedestrian counts.

I will be splitting up the CBD into three transects, these three transects are main streets. On the streets I will face down the street and count how many people go past for a certain amount of time (specified later), then I will face the other direction and see how many people are traveling in the other direction of the street. This count does not directly answer a key question but helps me to establish an idea why Newcastle has such a large SOI (Sphere of influence), for example a lot of the people on the street would be there for that particular transect, it would also be useful to find out which transect is busier.

Data interpretation What is the range of shops and services on offer?

The land use in Newcastle’s CBD is large and varied.

That is why big companies place their shops that sell high order goods in the city center, because the shop sells high order goods such as TVs and furniture, people travel greater distances to shop there. Investigation My investigation is to find why Newcastle has such a large sphere of influence.

I believe it is because there is a high number of a shop and offices in the CBD so therefore people travel further to go there.

Table 1 Table 1 had the highest total pedestrian count (367 in total), the second count was higher (by 7) than the first count.

This shows that Transect 1, Northumberland Street, was the busiest street in that day.


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