Starting A Restaurant Business Plan

Irrespective of the type of restaurant you’re thinking of starting, whether it’s fine dining, a coffee shop, or even food truck, learning how to write a business plan will prepare you for the challenges ahead.

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Many restaurants don’t succeed or even get to opening day.

Opening a restaurant is extremely high-risk, and many investors won’t touch restaurants with a ten-foot pole, especially if you don’t have a solid restaurant business plan.

However, you need to include some elements that are specific to the restaurant industry.

Before you start writing your business plan, it would be useful to read as many restaurant business plan samples as possible.

Unfortunately, the cost of opening a restaurant is just too high to shoulder on your own. Just look at these common Google searches:no business experience, it may be a good idea to explore restaurant incubators in your area.

Pilotworks, for example, is a premier food business incubator, allowing enterprising entrepreneurs to rent commercial kitchens in six cities.“Pilotworks participants benefit from affordable commissary and co-working space, tailored mentorship programs and workshops, flexible working hours, and, most importantly, community of supportive culinary professionals looking to achieve the same goal: change the way we think about food.”Many other cities have similar programs, including: Finally, some existing restaurants have incubator programs as well.

If you want to secure funding when starting your restaurant, you’ll have to provide your business plan to potential investors.

Your business plan needs to look professional and demonstrate that you’ve considered all the necessary factors to start and operate a successful restaurant.

In some cases, your restaurant technology provider may also provide loans, especially for restaurants hoping to expand into second or third locations.

These loans often take the form of "Merchant Capital Advances" (MCAs), which take a set percent of your gross sales so that the loan payment varies along with your business (and in less-busy months the payment naturally decreases).


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