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The concept of class consciousness originates in the work of Karl Marx, who emphasized that it is important for the working class (proletariat) to see itself as a group with shared interests in order for workers to come together and overthrow the dominant capitalist class (bourgeoisie) and to take control of the means of production in a revolution.Although Marx never actually used the term class consciousness, he distinguished between “class in itself,” where workers merely have a common relation to the means of production, and “class for itself,” where they organize to pursue common class interests.

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These states range from alertness to sleep and everything in between.

Alertness is what most people think of when they think about being conscious.

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Class consciousness is an awareness of one’s position in the class structure that can be shared by members of the same class.

In general, consciousness is usually defined as awareness of our selves and our environment.

We can have different states of consciousness meaning different levels of awareness and they can occur naturally or be induced by external factors such as drugs or internal factors such us our own mental efforts.It enables individuals to come together in opposition to the interests of other classes and, therefore, can be important for people challenging inequality and exploitation.Although members of any class can have class consciousness, it is particularly important for those in the working class because they are at the bottom of the class hierarchy and have the most to gain from being unified.These elements help us to contrast class consciousness in different settings.For instance, Mann compared the working class in Western economies and said that workers in Britain were likely to see themselves as members of the working class, but they were not likely to envision a classless society or work toward worker revolution.In The Communist Manifesto, Marx and Friedrich Engels encouraged workers to unite by informing them of their exploitation by 19th-century capitalists who forced them to endure bad working conditions, long working hours, and wages so low that many families had to send their children to work to supplement the family income.Marx and Engels wrote that proletarians faced alienation—estrangement from both their work and the world in general.What it means to be working class can vary across time and space, making it hard for workers to have a common awareness of class.Recently, some sociologists argued that class consciousness is an overly rigid concept.Bibliography: This example Class Consciousness Essay is published for educational and informational purposes only.If you need a custom essay or research paper on this topic please use our writing services.


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