Step Of Problem Solving

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Many times the awareness is part of a stated task or assignment given to the individual by someone else.

In other cases, a person can observe a specific problem or a clear gap in knowledge that they feel must be addressed.

In the end, the main purpose of this step is to evaluate the constraints on the problem and the problem solver to better understand the goals that are trying to be reached.

Once these goals are identified, the objectives that must be attained in order to reach the goals can be specified and utilized to help narrow the scope of the problem.

Once the goals and objectives are clearly understood, the problem to be solved can be selected.

An easy way to think of goals and objectives is that goals are what you hope to achieve while objectives are how you will go about accomplishing the goal.The following is a general problem-solving process that characterizes the steps that can be followed by any discipline when approaching and rationally solving a problem.When used in conjunction with reasoning and decision-making skills, the process works well for one or more participants.A description of research follows the problem solving process.In both the problem solving and research processes, good decision-making, critical-thinking and self-assessment is vital to a high quality result.Just as research might have been the impetus for engaging in the problem solving processit made the problem-solver awareresearch is vital to the specification of parameters and assumptions.The heart of this step is the series of decisions made to narrow the scope of the problem made by the problem-solver.For example, the problem might be the most important, most immediate, most far reaching, or most politically important at the moment.Whatever the choice, the individual or group must have clear reasons why they choose the problem to be solved.Define the Problem After the problem is recognized, research is conducted.Initially, research must be done to help define the problem as well as identify the assumptions being made and determine the parameters of the situation.


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