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People these days are so politically correct and should just loosen up.

People these days are so politically correct and should just loosen up.

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In some cases, people who are repeatedly labeled in negative ways will begin to develop feelings of inferiority.

Sometimes, these feelings of inferiority can lead to self-fulfilling prophecies that perpetuate the stereotype.

As a result, we miss opportunities to learn and thrive from our differences.

Some people might say, “There’s no harm in having racial stereotypes or making racial or ethnic jokes based on stereotypes.

Next, we should work to become more aware of our inner thoughts and feelings and how they affect our beliefs and actions.

When we have a stereotypical thought about a racial group, we should follow it up with an alternative thought based on factual information that discounts the stereotype.On a very simple level, it’s human nature to categorize people. From an early age, we learn to place people and objects into categories.However, when we’re very young, we tend to put less of an emphasis on attributing values to these categories.As we grow older and are influenced by parents, peers, and the media, our tendency to label different racial groups as superior/good or inferior/bad increases significantly.Additionally, the less contact we have with a particular racial group, the more likely we are to have negative feelings about the group.Because of their harmful effects, we should make a real commitment to try to overcome our racial stereotypes.This can be achieved by first acknowledging that we’re human and that we do harbor racial stereotypes.However, in most cases, racial stereotypes are harmful because they ignore the full humanity and uniqueness of all people.When our perceptions of different races are distorted and stereotypical, it’s demeaning, devaluing, limiting, and hurtful to others.Any negative experiences that we have with a member of a particular group will strengthen our racial stereotypes and create fears about particular races.Based on our fears, we develop an us-versus-them mentality that tends to be self-protective in nature.


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