Strategic Business Plan Definition

Although a strategic business plan contains similar elements of a traditional plan, a strategic plan takes planning a step further by not only defining company goals but utilizing those goals to take advantage of available business opportunities.

This is achieved by carefully analyzing a particular business industry and being honest about your company's strength and weakness in meeting the needs of the industry.

The plan can serve as an outline for successful completion of company milestones.

Company owners are in a better position to not only understand their business but become experts in their industries.

Many small business owners feel that strategic business plans are for large companies and big businesses.

However, according to the Small Business Administration, a strategic business plan can benefit companies of all sizes and can be a great advantage to small businesses.

It is executed by strategic planners or strategists, who involve many parties and research sources in their analysis of the organization and its relationship to the environment in which it competes.

Strategy has many definitions, but generally involves setting strategic goals, determining actions to achieve the goals, and mobilizing resources to execute the actions.

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Business planning is necessary for company growth and success.


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