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If you forget to do this, you can always come back to the assignment page and submit later. Error message reading any of the following: “The authentication failed; the signature on your request did not match the expected value.” “Could not find Org for this launch.” “Oh, buttons!We are unable to find path.” “Unsupported Signature Method” Please contact your instructor and ask him or her to refer to the troubleshooting tips here.

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Within the Grade Centre you will see a column corresponding to any assignments you have created. The icon legend will explain the icons you may see. This is possible with certain filetypes that can be previewed. The student’s accompanying comments are displayed on the right. To download the file click on the download icon, which is encircled in the above screenshot. Find the column that corresponds to your assignment and hover your mouse pointer over the name of the assignment at the top of the column. Note that you may select all by ticking the box at the top of the column as shown in the screenshot. Choose whether you wish to download the most recent attempt, or all attempts.

Where their row meets the assignment column you will see if they have made a submission. Choose Assignment File Download from the menu that appears. Select the students whose submissions you wish to download by placing a tick in the box beside their name.

The cut and paste submission option allows users to submit information from non-supported word processors or file types, or to only submit specific parts or areas of a document that may need an Similarity Report generated.

Only text can be submitted via the cut and paste method - any graphics, graphs, images, and formatting will be lost when pasting into the text submission box.

In the next slides we will look at viewing and downloading individual submissions and then at downloading submissions en masse. To view an individual student’s submission first identify the cell where the student’s row corresponds with the assignment column and hover you mouse over it. An action button will appear, click on it to reveal a menu.

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A zip file containing the assignments will be made available to you to download. Right click on the link to the file and choose Save link as…

If you click on the Voice Thread link in your course and see a “Launch” button, don’t click on it.

Instead, try letting the page sit for a few seconds without clicking anything.

You may then open it from your computer and access the submissions.

that you click “Submit Assignment” in order for your instructor to grade your work.


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