Teaching Creative Writing In High School

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They need to see lists of possible sentences and think about how they could respond.

They need to see lists of possible sentences and think about how they could respond.

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Making a classroom environment for creative writing becomes a differentiation task in itself!

Whether they're really short (like a bell-ringer, 5 minutes or less), or in the 10-20 minute range, try a new prompt a minimum of once per week, and just see what sentences or scenes emerge while students find themselves. But that's not necessary every time, and some of my students' best writing has happened when I gave them a choice of prompts out of a pretty long list.

Well, I try very hard to make sure that in every assignment, there is at least ONE element that is more in their favor than mine: a tool they're allowed to use, free choice of prompt/topic/genre, more in-class writing days (less homework), or SOMETHING.

This isn't necessarily a bribe or carrot, mind you - just the perception of advantage that makes them more confident moving forward.

For example, I've given students access to my Power Point of 100 prompts in advance of the in-class writing day and told them to walk in prepared with which prompt they want to respond to. You'd be surprised at which students turn out to be really great at writing which genre.

Give them a chance to try their hand at as many as possible.Creative writing exercises are a good way to help develop voice, learn about the elements of storytelling, and explore new styles and genres.These exercises can also help writers unleash their creativity and break ingrained writing reflexes.You will have less to grade, and it's a realistic practice for students to have to fit within someone else's word count max (ahem, college admissions essays! But I see a lot of students who know WHAT the plot triangle IS, but have no clue how to execute it.Or, they spend so much time just mapping their plot that they don't really do much with description, characterization, symbolism, figurative language... If your students need help developing a more "full" story, try the mini-lessons in this flipbook; it has instructional points, tips for writing, AND space to get started applying each concept to your own story.In small groups of 3 or 4, each person starts a story and gets 3-5 minutes to write.After this time is up, everyone rotates stories, and picks up a new story where the first writer left off. Teachers sometimes struggle with teaching revision, especially if: Unfortunately, not all English teachers in K-12 put equal emphasis on the writing PROCESS, so students may need to be reminded about the revising, proofreading, and publishing/sharing steps. Combating student insecurity has to involve a combination of: ... The student doesn't want to do the REAL work of rewriting; you're lucky if you can get them to EDIT.Do this several times, until everyone in the group has had a chance to contribute to every story. This exercise is the same concept as Round Robin, except that each person only writes a sentence at a time.This can work well for larger groups and can be used for writing fiction, poetry and plays.


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