Technical Education Pakistan Essay

“Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.” –George Washington Carver We all know the importance of education.It is the most important aspect of any nation’s survival in the modern day world. So that’s why we have to adopt our education policies very carefully because our future depends on these policies.

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By AMIR MUHAMMAD JAMAL KHAN YEAR 0 Education plays an import role in the progress and development of a state.

Progress of any country depends upon its literacy rate and quality of education in that country. Unfortunately, our own country Pakistan is a backward one regarding its literacy rate.

Kaiser Bengali (1999) argues that whatever progress was made in the field of education was inspired from India.

The truth is that, at the time of independence Pakistan had only one university, the University of Punjab.

It is crystal clear that Islamic education is necessary for Muslims but it is also a fact that without modern education no one can compete in this world.

There are many examples of Muslim scholars who not only studied the Holy Quran but also mastered other subjects like physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy and many more, with the help of Holy Quran.Firstly, in current situation more attention is being paid to the higher education instead of primary education.In small villages primary schools are not progressing.6: university education (graduation and higher study).Education policies are very good but, unfortunately, there are many problems in this system and its implementations.Since 1947 not a single government has been able to change this scenario.For the price of one grenade, almost 20 to 30 children can go to school for a whole year.Neither our schools nor our madrassas (Islamic education centres) are educating our youth in this regard.In the institutions that are supposed to polish them into scholars for east and west, they are being provided with degrees that only help them develop into “money machines”.The education system we are running with is not working anymore.We have to find a way to bridge this gap between school and madrassa.


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