Tell If Dissertation Published

It is also very rare not to be asked to revise and resubmit.

However, reviewers’ comments ultimately improve the quality of your article and you should follow all the suggestions put forward by them and the editor (unless there is a very good reason not to). Finally, I would like to reflect on the impact of publishing.

General orientation information will be posted on our Graduate Orientation web page, as well as on the Office of Student Affairs' Student Transitions and Family Programs page.

, a step-by-step PDF guide that walks you through the manuscript process.

Trainees can: Graduate Programs Check out our list of over 100 graduate degree programs to find the one that matches your academic goals.

Tell If Dissertation Published

Clemson's Graduate School offers an array of doctoral, masters, specialist's, and certificate programs across 66 disciplines.I know from recent contact with one of the centres that they are under continued pressure from funding cuts and I feel that I have at least been able to provide them with some potentially useful research that may help them with their argument against these cuts.Academic journals though often have a limited audience and I would be naïve to think that my article will have any immediate impact on homeless policy.The research I undertook for my dissertation was with homeless people, a vulnerable and marginalised group, and I felt a strong responsibility to make the results public and accessible.In order to further disseminate my research and engage with non-academic audiences, I produced a report for the homeless centres I worked with and have now also circulated the finished article.Resource Guide The Clemson University Graduate Student Guidebook, published and maintained by the Office of Student Affairs and linked at their Graduate Student Life Student Services web page, is the official resource for new graduate students looking to ease the transition to both Clemson University and life as a graduate student.In this book, you’ll learn the rich history and traditions that make Clemson a top-25 school and about the different aspects of student life here at Clemson.Whereas a dissertation is writer-centred, a journal article needs to be punchy, reader-centred and argument-driven.Everything you include should be directly relevant to your argument so be prepared to be ruthless and trim or remove a lot of superfluous material whilst preserving the substance.Our list of online program offerings continues to grow.Graduate Student Government The Clemson University Graduate Student Government (CGSG) is the official representative body of our Graduate Students.


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