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This is because there are ten “test” questions that are not counted in your raw score.

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The task force recommended the Uniform Bar Examination, or UBE, but rejected the “diploma privilege” that would allow Texas law school graduates to practice law in the state without taking a bar exam.

The task force recommended the adoption of the UBE for its utility to law graduates who might want to practice in several jurisdictions without retaking bar exams in each. While unanimously rejecting the full diploma privilege for any law school or law school graduates, the task force did encourage Texas law schools to develop alternative licensing programs.

• If the UBE is adopted, the number of essays would be reduced from 12 to six by adoption of the Multistate Essay Exam.

If the UBE is not adopted, the task force still recommends reducing the number of essays from 12 to six.

*If you are getting around this number on your practice MBE’s (and I hope you are using real MBE questions, not some Barbri test) you should be in good shape!

We have a 200-question exam that is composed of MBE questions that were If you have any additional data that we can add, please email us ([email protected]).• If the current Texas Bar Exam is retained without change, the task force recommends that the current scoring system should be continued.The task force found that no internal evidence demonstrated that the exam was not performing as intended.The Supreme Court created the task force in June 2016 to answer questions about across-the-board declines in bar exam passage rates across the country. Collins, the University of Texas School of Law Dean Ward Farnsworth, Texas Southern University’s Thurgood Marshall School of Law Dean Dannye Holley, Baylor Law School Dean Bradley J. Toben, Texas Tech University School of Law Professor Cassie Christopher, Chief Justice Jeff Rose of the 3rd Court of Appeals in Austin, Texas Board of Law Examiners chair Harold “Al” Odom, Texas Board of Law Examiners vice chair Augustin “Augie” Rivera Jr., Texas Board of Law Examiners member C. Godbey, and Dallas attorney Rebekah Steely Brooker.The Supreme Court liaison to the task force was Justice Jeff Brown.If you are aiming for a 135 mbe scaled score (what is considered to be a “passing score” in many jurisdictions, you should be aiming for a 116 to 120 “raw” mbe score.Keep in mind that this is 116/190 or 120/190 questions (61% – 63%).Taking and passing the bar exam is not an end in itself, and no one attends law school just to pass the bar exam.Nevertheless, all law students planning to practice law in Texas must take and pass the Texas Bar Examination.Two minutes of searching around on Google did not reveal any others, but by then my limited attention span was exhausted.Welcome to the Texas Bar Examination Subject Overview!


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