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Now think about how the story would change if told from different viewpoints.If told from the point of view of the astronauts, the movie becomes a horror movie, with humans no longer in control, being forced to live as slaves.

Now think about how the story would change if told from different viewpoints.

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If told from the point of view of the apes, it becomes the story of the uprising of a few trouble-making humans who are trying to overtake society as they know it. Shot simply refers to a series of frames that establishes the scene, emotion, and story in a movie.

If you’ve ever watched a western, for example, you’ve seen long, expansive shots that seem to encompass the entire desert, with one lone cowboy riding into the sunset. As the name implies, these shots zoom in to a character, generally only showing the character’s face.

Every time we watch a movie, we turn into movie critics. The purpose of this post is to describe 10 cinematic techniques you might use as part of film analysis essay.

Lots of times, though, our critiques aren’t that involved. This post isn’t designed to teach you how to write a film analysis.

(In fact, it’s better left on the proverbial cutting room floor.)But if you can’t write about how much the movie sucked or how hot the actors are, what’s left to include in the paper? I can’t possibly discuss them all in this post, but here are 10 cinematic techniques you need to know for a better essay.

”This not-so-detailed analysis is fine if you’re critiquing a movie with your friends, but it isn’t going to cut it when you have to write a film analysis.

A comedy, for instance, would be more likely to be brightly lit, while a horror movie may include dark, dreary, and generally scary lighting.

Low-key lighting is also very common in specific types of movies, such as film noir.

Point of view is essentially the viewpoint through which a story is told.

This is another term borrowed from literature, but I’ve included it as a separate term here because the chosen point of view alters the entire movie. Since 1968 we’ve been watching the series about a group of astronauts who realize that Earth is now run by apes.


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