The Help Novel Thesis

Skeeter notes the radio station Aibileen’s listening to, telling her the preacher’s sermon reminds her of the station her childhood maid, Constantine always listened to.

Skeeter also tries to broach the subject of Hilly’s sanitation bill, and wonders aloud to a woman who’s lived her whole life under segregation “Do you ever wish you could…change things?

There are several relationships woven throughout the novel.

Skeeter and her mother, Skeeter and Hilly, Skeeter and the black maids, Skeeter and Stuart Whitworth.

Aibileen brings along a friend, the sassy Minny Jackson.

Minny has lost a number of jobs because of her sharp tongue, yet with a bit of cunning from Aibileen she lands a job with Miss Celia Foote, a woman who’s an outcast in Hilly’s society circle because she ‘s white trash.

The other relationships include Minny and Miss Celia, Minny and her abusive husband Leroy, and Minny’s friendship with Aibileen.

Aibileen in turn develops a growing admiration for Skeeter, a close friendship with Minny, and motherly affection for the love starved daughter of frazzled housewife Elizabeth Leefolt, two year old Mae Mobley.

When Eugenia “Skeeter” Phelan returns to her hometown of Jackson, Mississippi fresh from college with a diploma, her mother dismisses it as “a pretty piece of paper.” And so the novel THE HELP truly begins, for its Skeeter’s story that drives the pages.

It’s the age old story of a child now grown, still hoping to appease an unyielding parent.


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