The Inner Citadel Essays On Individual Autonomy

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These include an expanded program for visiting post-doctoral fellows, an invitation to senior visiting scholars, and continued production of the video series Hum In Focus.The Institute also provides support for a wide variety of endeavors for the university community.There is debate over whether autonomy needs to be representative of a kind of “authentic” or “true” self.

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Philosophen betrachten es als eine ihrer Hauptaufgaben, begriffliche Unterscheidungen deutlich zu machen und die dabei unterschiedenen Begriffe zu erklären.

This article will focus primarily on autonomy at the level of the individual and the work being done on personal autonomy, but will also address the connection of autonomy to issues in bioethics and political theory.

The roots of autonomy as self-determination can be found in ancient Greek philosophy, in the idea of self-mastery.

M., Gordon College) and Piano Performance and Pedagogy (M.

M., Westminster Choir College), Lauren is interested in the ways that young children express and develop their musicianship within the contexts of their lived experience, with implications for learning and teaching.

This can function both locally, in terms of particular actions, and globally, in terms of agents as a whole.

For instance, children, agents with cognitive disabilities of a certain kind, or members of oppressed groups have been deemed non-autonomous because of their inability to fulfill certain criteria of autonomous agency, due to individual or social constraints.

Beyond that, it is a much-contested concept that comes up in a number of different arenas.

For example, there is the folk concept of autonomy, which usually operates as an inchoate desire for freedom in some area of one’s life, and which may or may not be connected with the agent’s idea of the moral good.


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