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The sympathy felt is mixed with warmth; “What he could do he did….

He was little or nothing but life.” There was so much life given to the moth, only to have it be used as a moth, but the energy described gives off a pure feeling to the audience.

Her literary criticism is of a kind that hardly exists any more. As a novelist and biographer herself, she resolves this contradiction by suggesting that biography is a young genre, that it should explore new methods, and that it acts as a modest handmaid to the work of truly imaginative and great artists.

Her reflections on the condition of young English poets in 1931 are cast in the form of a letter to ‘John’: (this is John Lehmann, who worked for Leonard and Virginia Woolf at the Hogarth Press).

He also goes on to point out that Virginia Woolf took immense care with even the shortest and least important of her essays and book reviews – often producing up to eight versions of a text before she was satisfied.

At the point of assembling this collection Leonard Woolf thought that the totality of Virginia’s finished essays and reviews had been located, edited, and published.The author includes the reader by using the word “us”.This use of wording makes the reader imagine that they have felt the emotional sense they feel on autumn nights and understand it, whether they have actually experienced it or not.And if death is so powerful then life can’t be pathetic, it’s a miracle to live for only a small portion of time if death really is stronger.The appeals an author uses can only funnel the audience a certain way and can lead them to different conclusions whether the readers like to look for moral lessons, read between the lines or follow what is written word for word. Early preparations were made by Virginia Woolf herself, and then it appeared one year after her death, edited by her husband Leonard Woolf.He explains in his introduction that the essays had previously appeared in .Woolf manipulates two things, one tangible (the moth) and the other abstract (life), the simple way of incorporating both touches a greater portion of the audience.Realists as well as people who have a more conceptual mind can understand the pureness that is felt from her writing.Details aside from the moth emphasize the energy it contains.While the moth is dancing, Woolf describes the liveliness of the rooks, the horses, and the fields.


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