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As Molly had felt that she wasn’t being treated equally, I tried to help her to gain more control over her live, by using personal resources that she has so as to have her voice heard and to challenge any inequality and oppression.I sat down and listened to Molly tell her story, by doing this it helped me to bring up a number of things that bothered her.

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Also my future learning will enable me to work as a member of a team and as such I should be in a position to offer support to any of my collegues that maybe in need of it.

As stress affects us all at times, especially in times of high demand and that is when team working, team support is vital.

Her speech is normal, she has a hard hearing problem, you have to speak very loud and slowly in order for her to hear workers have been doing when there come to visit her is to stand a distance away from her, because she couldn’t hear them when there were talking, she used to become irritated and then she will start shouting at them and tell them to get out of the house through anger and belief that there wanted to take her away from her house. Mollys house is very untidy, she does not co-operate wants everything done immediately if not doesn’t want it.

Early in the morning when I arrived at her house she had blood guishing on her fingers, her light bulb previously had blown and nearly cracked on her head, the day when her blood had been guishing a bulb blew up on my face, the toilet had been not working.

When I reflect back I realised that before a worker visits Molly she is normally told of her history of being very abusive, and have realised that it became a precedent.

When I first worked with Molly I never judged her, as my aim was to help her live within her community with accordance to the Nhs community care act 1990.I feel my immediate actions meet Molly`s needs, I feel if I had been with Molly for a while I wouldn’t have let the situation go that far,, and would have helped her as an advocate.I feel through this incident I am developing a knowledge and experience, I am also becoming confident and more aware of interactions with others and how I also affect others without imposing my beliefs and values upon them.Molly had shown some concern of who would be going to collect her pension as it wasn’t on her care plan, as the other carer used to get her pension.I then helped her by filling a form re changes in her circumstance so as to be reassessed.I then discussed with Molly her capabilities of managing on her own, and the risks of managing on her own due to her mobility which was very slow.The reason for the discussion was to avoid a system which takes away her too much responsibility for action from the client.Molly kept in reffering back to her carer who had been sacked.I touched her hand and explained to her that her carer wasn’t coming back touching her was a form of communication Fielding (1987)which gives patients reassurance and it may make the vulnerable very valued and important.Molly felt that she was discriminated and wasn’t understood.As Mollys was chatting me, I explained that I would try as best as I could to help her and would also ask for opinion from my supervise, so as to be sure I am in the right direction.


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