Thesis About Smoking Cigarettes

Multistage sampling technique was adopted in the study.

In the first stage, a simple random sampling technique by balloting was adopted to select two schools out of five in each of the Colleges which served as the study and control groups.

More than three quarters of smokers in both groups were males.

The majority of the respondents learnt to smoke from their friends (51.0% of the study group and 60.4% of the control group).

Meetings with the Executives of the Students Union to enhance cooperation and participation in the survey were held.

Consent was sought before participation in the survey.

However fewer respondents in both groups (9.6% in the study and 12.9% in the control) were aware of the association with cardiovascular problems.

About one quarter of the respondents in both groups had smoked cigarette at one time or the other.

Most smokers in Nigeria’s cities believe smoking is bad for them yet they smoke.

[3] Some prefer to buy imported cigarette even at the cost of going without foods.


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