Thesis On Budget Deficit

Thesis On Budget Deficit-10
We will have six types of employees and among them there will be 1 manager, 1 receptionist and cashier, 8 Operating Employees, 2 specialists, 1 security guard and 2 cleaners.

We will have six types of employees and among them there will be 1 manager, 1 receptionist and cashier, 8 Operating Employees, 2 specialists, 1 security guard and 2 cleaners.Among the specialists, one will be a Skin Specialists and one will be a hair specialists.Key products/service Our saloon will have more than 10 sitting place for beauty treatment – where every seat will be comfortable and spacious.

We will create a club like environment for the enjoyment of our customers.

In our salon we will have TV, Wi Fi, Virtual Hair Style Display and also with refreshment services.

We will evaluate our target customers’ needs and expectations and work with them to customize the levels of Service for you based on your own individual needs to achieve the best results.

Together, we will decide what the best look is for you so that you both feel comfortable, confident and satisfied that your needs will be met fully, skillfully and affordably.

To check our business feasibility we have selected 5 years as our evaluation time frame.

Based on percentage of sales method we have forecasted our income statements and balance sheet.We will hire two specialists who will revamp our parlor to a very high level. To clean our salons hair cutting and other tools we will use sterilize machine.We will also provide some other value added services as well. So our salon name indicates the exceptional services and the tag line reflects our superior quality.Freya’s long-term objective is to increase the sales by 15% in 2nd year, 20% in 3rd year, 25% in 4th year, 30% in 5th year and 6th year considering 1st year as the base year.We will have different promotional strategy which will include Newspaper & Magazine, posters & pamphlets, kiosk and Opening Day Promotion.We want to gain the customer satisfaction that our salon is the best choice to entrust with their everyday and one of the most important days of their lives.We accept each visit of our customer as a serious undertaking and treat it as if it were our own. Mission Statement We believe in our quality service.In case of beauty conscious women of Bashundhara and Baridhara, they are one of them.Saloon industry in our country has high intensity of rivalry, customers also have high bargaining power though threat of substitutes & barraging power of suppliers are low; but the threat of new entrants are moderate.So while at our salon our customers will enjoy every second of it.Our salon interior will also be innovative which will provide a pleasing experience.


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