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According to the 2003 version of OPPA, it defined personal information, which includes people’s last name and first name, email and physical address, telephone number, social security number and other personal. [tags: Internet, My Space, Social network service] - ...

For example, most of the information required to steal someones identity can be found on social networking sites that users are a part of.

[tags: Internet] - The world today is an internet age where there is life in and outside of the web.

Outside of the internet people enjoy everything America has to offer, entertainment and job wise.

“This law was produced to make a fair balance among the privacy expectations of citizens and the legitimate needs of law enforcement” (EPIC).

With the Internet developing intensely, there is a great deal at stake such as the theft of your identification.

But where it all begins is when you access the Internet.

This is the first step in being aware of your privacy because you go through the process in signing up with an Internet Service Provider (ISP)....

The invention is so powerful and convenient, it is inevitably becoming corrupt.

When the government and corporations see it as a useful spying and marketing tool, the internet is no longer such a good place to be....


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