Thesis Report On Old Age Home

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In contrast to them, I see the unprivileged at the orphanages completely utilising the space meant to invoke different psychological aspects of spaces need to be experienced to differentiate the spaces.

The similar scenario can be seen in old age homes as both these institutions are devoid of this virtual reality inventions.

Perception of old age and self: A comparative study of elderly females living in community and in old age home .

J Geriatr Ment Health 2014;-7How to cite this URL: Singh S, Raut NB, Subramanyam AA, Kamath R, Pinto C, Shanker S.

With an increase in the geriatric population and an expected decline in the population of the middle aged, the burden of caregiving is bound to increase and lead to some unforeseen problems, one of them being institutionalization of elderly.

Although Indian society had the traditional informal support systems such as joint family, kin and community but due to modernization and globalization, the capacity of the this support system is slowly weakening and is not in a position to fulfil even the basic needs of the elderly.J Geriatr Ment Health [serial online] 2014 [cited 2019 Sep 6];-7. 2014/1/1/32/141923"All my life I've been taught how to die, but no one ever taught me how to grow old" ~BILLY GRAHAMAgeing is a universal and inevitable phenomenon of life.It refers to a multidimensional process of physical, psychological and social changes.From a perspective of future policies and outreach services, it would be interesting to note the same and use best of both the worlds to provide the best for the elder in either setting.Keywords: Elderly, old age homes, perception of old age, women How to cite this article: Singh S, Raut NB, Subramanyam AA, Kamath R, Pinto C, Shanker S.They judge themselves by comparing themselves with others or with their own construction of their past selves.The term 'ageism' is now often used in this context.There has been a progressive increase in both the number and proportion of the aged in the world and also in India over time, particularly after 1951.The proportion of population over age 60 years has increased to 7.0% by 2001.They were found to be more satisfied with life and had better emotional support, whereas elderly in old age home perceived better instrumental support.Conclusion: Both community living and living in an old age home, have certain positive aspects.


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