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Thesis Unsw Ee-87
This is the third course of the 3 course thesis structure.), and the professional officers located in the various research disciplines.Some computers in the labs are configured with dual booting to Windows and Linux/ (Real Time Application Interface for Linux).

We reserve the right to make corrections where appropriate.

The WAM calculation system has some basic rules: All weights for courses are calculated using the following formula: Templates for calculating your weighted averages to determine if you have Honours award or not: BE in Electrical Engineering Calculation Sheet - Excel file (old program 3640 and new program 3707) BE in Telecommunications Calculation Sheet - Excel file (old program 3643 and new program 3707) Combined degrees program - please use the above single degree template.

There are multiple possible solutions or conclusions at the outset and sufficient complexity to require a degree of project planning.

The thesis requires you to formulate problems in scientific or engineering terms, manage an technical project and find solutions by applying scientific and engineering methods.

All school's teaching laboratories have computers connected to the Internet through the Campus network.

The software installed in each laboratory varies depending on the course requirements such as Cadence, ADS and PSIM.All students admitted to a research program in the School are required to attend an induction workshop organised by the Faculty of Engineering. This workshop is not a course, there is no exam and is additional to the requirements of the program.Please see details at Research Induction Workshops The Master of Engineering is 1.5 years of advanced study, which involves 3 courses and research leading to the submission of an original thesis.The duration is affected by your level, project, time available and study program and in special cases may be reduced or extended.Please note that International Students are expected to study full time Entry Requirements: An Honours degree in engineering or a related discipline from a tertiary institution recognised by UNSW.A qualified applicant may be accepted subject to the availability of facilities and appropriate supervision.Each degree requires the submission of a thesis embodying the results of an original investigation or design.Only the BE component will be counted in the spreadsheet.BE ME Honour Calculation - Excel file For more information regarding OLD honour policy for old programs prior to 2015, please see School of Electrical Engineering Honours Policy.Honour: Pass Old programs prior to 2015: Honour Class 1: WAM of at least 75 and thesis mark of at least 65.Honour Class 2/1: WAM of at least 70 and thesis mark of at least 60.


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