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It was from that day he said “If I ever had the power I would, if it were humanly possible, see that the financial barrier between those who need health services and those who have health services was forever removed.” So, when he became premier he enacted the first Medicare plan in Saskatchewan, which in 1972 was adopted in all provinces in Canada....

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Frederick Douglass’s book is about a bondage he obtained since birth; a slave for life....

[tags: Autobiography, Douglas] - Where the Girls Are: Growing Up Female with the Mass Media by Susan Douglas In "Where the girls are: Growing Up Female With the Mass Media," Susan Douglas analyses the effects of mass media on women of the nineteen fifties, and more importantly on the teenage girls of the baby boom era.

The people most notably left without rights are African American's, Native American's and Women.

These minority groups formed a bond with each other because they were outside the dominant group....

An idea that separates Canada from any other country in the world. One notable but equally influential Canadian politician missing from this list is Tommy Douglas. I had tried different trades and was struggling with music as an art and livelihood.

Tommy Douglas is the reason we have our health care system and without this man many Canadians would have lost their lives. Tommy Douglas’s government lasted from 1944 to 1960. Tommy had taken to the streets as a “preacher” preaching the way for street people and anyone who would listen.

Tommy Douglas revolutionized the Canadian health care system and without his efforts and initiatives the medical care of all Canadians would have been at a considerable disadvantage.... During these sixteen years, he accomplished many great achievements, and brought in many important political changes to improve the health and living conditions of people all over the country.... Tommy, although not homeless, was a street preacher to those who were....

[tags: Essays Papers] - Tommy was a Dreamer We were grown and had gone our separate ways. [tags: High school, Family, Sociology, Basketball] - Not many are aware of the horror that slavery in the United States was.

His greatest achievement was his implementation of Medicare in Saskatchewan.

Douglas never intended to be a politician but his concern for people drove him to be one.


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