Top 5 Suggestions For Writing A Cover Letter

“Make it clear what you want them to do and what you’re going to do,” said Kermes.

Your CTA could include a timeline for following up or a way the reader can connect with you.

This is one of Foss’ top three tips for writing a cover letter because it’s the “best way to ensure it gets read,” she said.

Rather than emailing the general “[email protected],” try to find out who the hiring manager is — and email them instead.

“People rattle on about what they want rather than show the reviewer exactly how and why they’re a great fit,” she said.

“Or they go off on irrelevant tangents in an effort to look witty or original.” When you write a cover letter for a job, you should be succinct and remain focused on the reader’s needs. “Many people stuff a bunch of cliches into cover letters like ‘proven track record,’ ‘results-driven,’ and my personal favorite ‘very uniquely qualified,’” said Foss.“Draw the reader into the story by sharing what about that organization most impresses or captivates you and why — specifically — you want to work for them.” Foss recommended something that’s “memorable and thoughtful.” Be creative.If, for example, you’re applying to be an event planner at a resort you visited growing up, she offered the following suggestion: “My passion for Timberwoods Lodge dates back to 1985, which was the year I first rode my bike (a Schwinn Lil’ Chick, complete with banana seat) in your Fourth of July Jamboree.” Once you’ve hooked your reader, the next few paragraphs should explain what you can do for them and the company.The same advice goes for figuring out who to address your letter to; use the name of the internal recruiter, HR person or hiring manager if possible.Kermes said this tip is important because it allows you to tailor your letter to not only the company — but also the individual.“All of us know when we get an email that was written for the masses, and it doesn’t motivate us to take action.” So, whatever you do, don’t write a single cover letter and swap out the names of the companies as you go.Personalize your cover letter in every way you can.“You can’t be ‘very unique’ — that statement alone is redundant.You either are unique or you aren’t.” Use your cover letter to capture the reader’s attention and address their needs (which don’t include cliches). Before wrapping up your dazzling cover letter, you need to add one more thing: a call to action (CTA) for your reader.Either way, make sure the reader knows what action to take now that you’ve totally wowed them.Whether you want to land your first job or find a better one, a strong cover letter is key to your success.


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