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In the short time available it was not possible to explain all the techniques that can be found in the TRIZ toolkit.

However, the session provided an interesting overview of the technique and judging by the interest shown by the participants at the end, many of them will be looking at learning more about TRIZ for themselves.

Do you have a problem, process, or product that appears to have an unresolvable contradiction in its design or operation? Can the property be achieved by a mechanism that reacts to an external condition only?

Chances are that this same contradiction has been faced, and solved before, by people in other industries or technologies and you simply don't have the time to follow all the world's literature and patents. Does the property desired need to be there at all times, or just certain times?

number of bolts required to open Instead of compromising on these contradictions and moving along the compromise curve shown above, we use TRIZ inventive principles to move the curve toward the origin as shown to the left.

We are also unique in our ability to apply TRIZ principles to non-technical organizational problems relating to communication and personnel issues.

We are unique in our ability and desire to combine TRIZ problem solving with existing tools you may already be using such as QFD, Edward De Bono's techniques such as Six Hats™ and Lateral Thinking™, and Creative Problem Solving/Brainstorming.

TRIZ can also be applied in reverse to solve and diagnose failure analysis problems that have not been solved with techniques such as HAZOP and FEMA.

A copy of the presentation can be viewed on the APM Slideshare page.

TRIZ (pronounced "treez") is a methodology for deliberately and systematically solving complex problems and developing new products.


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