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It is really difficult for me to understand even the main idea of the passage because of these difficult words.

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AN avid reader growing up, I decided that there were two types of children's books: call it '' Little Women'' versus '' Phantom Tollbooth.'' The first type was usually foisted on you by nostalgic grown-ups.

These were books populated by snivelers and goody-two-shoes, the most saintly of whom were sure to die in some tediously drawn-out scene.

Feinberg, who runs an arts program for kids, was provoked to write this unusual hybrid of memoir and polemic by the trials of her 12-year-old son, Alex.

She had seen him steel himself, again and again, for the joyless task of completing the assigned reading for his ''language arts'' class, and she decided to investigate how those books could so oppress a boy who otherwise happily gobbled up Harry Potter novels and anything by or about his idol, Mel Brooks.

This perversity finds its counterpart in a writing program adopted in Feinberg's daughter's second-grade classroom. market, but one particularly esteemed by educators and prize committees.

The 7-year-olds are instructed to write their ''memoirs,'' and a handout promises, '' Your child will receive critique on all aspects of writing, and learn how to edit, rewrite and publish! (Newbery Medal winners are notoriously glum.) That, Daniel Handler, author of the best-selling Lemony Snicket series, told me recently in an interview, results from a ''wrong-headed belief that the more misery there is, the more quality there is, that the most lurid, unvarnished stories are closest to the truth.'' Or, as one of Alex's teachers put it, '' A good book should make you cry.'' In this context, the success of Harry Potter and the mock-gothic Snicket books, in which orphans become intrepid adventurers instead of just numb survivors, has the whiff of insurrection.This kind of books assists my mind psychologically.Unlike educational books, these books do not content any bizarre words at all.The first way I classify my books is for taking tests purpose.This kind of books usually needs a lot of critical reading and critical thinking.You can't blame Feinberg for her alarm, but '' Welcome to Lizard Motel'' (titled after an art project created by one of her students) turns out to be more than a diatribe against the dark subject matter of Y. Her childhood favorite, '' A Tree Grows in Brooklyn,'' in which the loving but alcoholic father dies halfway through, is a prime specimen of the realistic vein in children's fiction, from which problem novels evolved.Only a reader as attuned to realism as Feinberg could have puzzled out so nuanced a defense of imagination in children's lives.You have to experiment until you get it right: that's the only formula for making a lifelong reader. Different people have different kinds of book that appeal to them and they tend to classify the books they read in various ways.These books describe, with spare realism, child and teenage protagonists weathering abuse, addiction, parental abandonment or fecklessness, mental illness, pregnancy, suicide, violence, prostitution or self-mutilation -- and often a combination of the above.'' Teachers love them,'' the local librarian explains as Feinberg scans a shelf of such titles.


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