University Of Maryland Doctoral Dissertation

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Grades for graduate students remain as part of the student's permanent record.

Changes in previously recorded grades may be made if timely (within one semester) and if the original instructor certifies that an actual mistake was made in determining or recording the grade.

A: The University of Maryland Thesis and Dissertation Style Guide can be found by clicking here. A: The A and A is calculated at 4 quality points, A- at 3.7 quality points, B at 3.3 quality points, B at 3 quality points, B- at 2.7 quality points, C at 2.3 quality points, C at 2 quality points, and C- at 1.7 quality points.

The grades of D , D, D-, F, and I receive no quality points.

All Doctoral degree students are required to complete a dissertation-HLTH 899 Doctoral Dissertation Research (12 credits).

This can be done using the traditional 5 chapter model or the manuscript model. All dissertation credits will be given an incomplete grade until the research is completed. You have submitted your dissertation or thesis and are preparing to graduate from the University of Maryland.If you are earning your doctorate, the Graduate School requires that you complete two surveys: 1. The NSF Survey of Earned Doctorates: Date About the Surveys Both surveys are completely confidential.For comprehensive information on dissertation requirements, please see the BCH Ph D Program Guidelines and the UMD Graduate Catalog (available at Wylie Dissertation Fellowship is part of the Graduate School's Semester Dissertation Fellowship program.A student may repeat a course in an effort to earn a better grade.Whether higher or lower, the most recent grade will be used in computing the grade point average.Q: What are the Graduate School’s requirements for the Master’s degree?A: You can find more information by going to the Graduate Catalog. Q: How do I request a certification of completion letter?The change must be approved by the department chair and the Dean of the Graduate School.Graduate credit transferred from another institution will not be included in the calculation of the grade point average.


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