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The definition of full funding varies from school to school when it comes to MFA programs.

Put another way, you’re not going to be rich off of a fully funded program, and you won’t be able to live like royalty.

You’ll still have to be smart with your money, find affordable housing, and maybe eat instant ramen when the funds get low, but at least you won’t be going into MASSIVE debt.

At $30,500, the program is one of the most well-funded programs in the country across any discipline, let alone the arts.

The two-year Master of Fine Arts in fiction and poetry offers intensive seminars focused on diverse readings, small workshops, one-on-one advising, and frequent interaction with published writers.

These lucky students are fully funded and they teach one class a semester for three semesters – giving them lots of time to refine their craft.

Stipend amount offered: ,500 Benefits Offered: Tuition The MFA in writing program at the University of Texas Michener is a three-year full-time program.The other reality is that some students are accepted into programs because of the student’s own deep pockets – the school wouldn’t have to pay for the student.Because of all this, program sizes are sometimes kept quite small – 10-12 students in total.The late author James Michener and his wife Mari Subasawa Michener put together this fellowship to support students as they progress in their studies.Students may also apply for professional development funds to attend writing conferences, residencies fund research or travel, or to use as a summer stipend while writing a project.Education is expensive, and a degree in art is no exception.Between the tough choices of paying back massive student loans from an undergrad degree, and financial doom of more loans from graduate school, it’s easy to say no to more school.Though it may sound a bit like a pipe dream, it’s a reality.The thing is, there are fully funded programs available out there for a wide variety of subjects—even those that fall under the “arts.” Some of the best schools in the country offer full funding as a recruitment tactic, to make it easier to attract top talent and students.As you’d expect from one of the top schools in the country, the program is extremely competitive to get into.Each year only four poets and four fiction writers are admitted.


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