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In most cases of violence reported, they have involved ex-partners or current partners.Further research shows that violence against women is more spread in youth below the age of thirty-five years and is widespread in some regions.

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Typically, fear is the most common result of dealing with abuse because women become fearful of everyday abuse.

Thirdly, when women experience violence, it tends to have a mental impact as well.

It is also clear that people that have been exposed to violence are the principal perpetrators of the violence against women.

Some of the factors of violence include the use of alcohol, low levels of education, having multiple partners, past family violence, being exposed to children maltreatment and antisocial personalities.

Children that are often exposed to violence may grow up with a lot of emotional and behavioral disturbances.

This in itself could lead them to be violence perpetrators in the future.Most women claim that their first sexual experience was either a forced one or coerced.This shows that partners are the main perpetrators of violence against women.Violence Against Women How important is the issue of violence against women to the citizen of American?Many people simply do not understand the impact that it has on the female population in the United States.Although there are many other ways violence is inflicted against women, physical and sexual abuse are the most common from an intimate partner.The impact of violence on women is more than superficial.Many people misunderstand the meaning of violence against women.Human rights for women are violated due to the sexual, verbal, and physical abuse these victims tend to encounter (Women Health Any form of unwanted disruption in the lives of the victim is considered this type of abuse.I never needed anyone to do my homework for me until I got a part-time job in college.Good thing I did my research and chose this website to outsource all the essays.


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