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When another member of the platoon, Kiowa, died, all of the men searched for his body.During this time Azar kept making jokes about Kiowas situation that the other men didn’t find amusing.That little girl will always have this image in embedded in her mind and it will most certainly be more real than just viewing the picture. It’s like how if you grew up in a city, you’re used to the city, but if you grew up in the suburbs you’re used to the suburbs.

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Belligerents are in a state of war when the political and military leadership of the armed confrontation participants remove the limits for using its armed forces and suitable weapons.

Generally, the armed forces receive an order to start fighting.

People who believe that war and violence are the only solutions to things seem to turn a blind eye to what comes with them.

Lives are always lost, and I don’t just mean casualties.

State of war entails a number of legal , an end to diplomatic and other relations between the warring states, the termination of treaties, etc.

For example, all treaties between Japan and Russia on the delimitation of the Islands (Sakhalin, and the Kuril Islands), in the 19th century, lost power in the Russo-Japanese war of 1904-1905, so any references to them in our time are not proper.The war can end with unconditional surrender of one of the warring parties or by peace agreement partially satisfying the parties involved.In any case, the war ends with peace, which is usually defined as the absence of war or removed contradictions between warring states.At the beginning of writing this paper I was struggling with what I should focus on as my main question.When looking back at my annotated bibliography I found that I really liked the third image that I chose to describe.It is a perfect example of the overlooked and forgotten side effects of war and violence.Those buildings could’ve been that woman and child’s home, or her school.Like with some sort of cure, the side effects of war are glossed over and it is forgotten that real people with very real lives were involved, not robots and not ghosts.For many people involved in a war, there is this feeling of a loss of time. It is not only the loss of lives but the loss of time spent with family and friends.Like always I wanted to write something that I was proud of as well as something that I thought covered my thoughts on how war and violence affect people, based on environment and situation.I think that I could make this a stronger piece by including more sources that I had in my annotated bibliography.


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