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Shakespeare was almost a doll that De Vere would write for under his name, just like the marlowe theory. The answer is that Shakespeare was not eligible to write his plays because of his lack of knowledge.To substitute this Christopher Marlowe or De Vere would have been able to write the plays since they were both geniuses..

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“During the years that Shakespeare attended the school, at least one and possibly three headmasters stepped down because of their devotion to the Catholic religion proscribed by Queen Elizabeth” (pruitt)” This means that he lost a good teacher during the years he did go to school.

A substitute that was a lower rank than the original teacher would have been teaching so Shakespeare wouldn’t have learned as much when Marlowe wa learning more than him.

Marlowe had a degree in school which shakespeare did not, Marlowe was also very popular since his plays were always hits.

William Shakespeare did not have a good education during his schooling years.

He also learned just grammar at the school since it was a grammar school.

There is little known about these “lost years” he couldn’t of not been studying during these years since his family needed money.

This is backed up the very circumstantial evidence that William’s father could neither read or write.

His own daughter Judith, could only manage writing an X on her marriage certificate.

There is very little known on shakespeare, the one writing by him is one signature.

Shakespeare did not write his plays, this is supported by many theories and ideas.


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