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[tags: Women's Rights ] - The Iranian Islamic Revolution of 1979 created a lasting affect on the societal role of women through modern day Iran.Women in Iran before the revolution were not entirely treated equal to men, but despite some cultural perceptions of women being inferior to men, they had made progress to become socially equal under the Shah.[tags: Woman, Marriage, Sharia, Women's rights] - In 1945 women had a minimal standpoint in government, hardly an opinion at all.

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Several misconceptions and theories have been published and studied to show the inequality of women versus men because of Islam.

However, contrasting theories have also been made to show that inequality has little to do with the religion, but instead with the forceful nature upon which it was implemented in the revolution....

The world is colored with different cultures and religions.

Most people come up with different thoughts for other religion’s people by just having one look on them.

The primary factor behind this is that few people view women in any capacity other than that of mothers or potential mothers, and, under the further influence of out-dated “religious” beliefs, may even treat females in a family as possessions.

Additionally, the ignorance that many women possess regarding their rights, or a fear of repercussion from a male dominated and highly chauvinistic society, keep them from speaking out for themselves, especially in matter...In addition to this, some villages like that of the Igbo people have a tradition where when a husband dies, the wife is turned over to his brother.In The Joys of Motherhood, Nnaife’s brother dies and he inherits his wife....Women were not allowed to go anywhere in public without an escort, they could not hold a position in office let allow vote, and they could only learn the basics of education (reading, writing, and arithmetic)....[tags: Women's Rights] - “Honey, you’re not a person, now get back in the kitchen and make me a sandwich![tags: Women's Rights ] - Bangladesh is a country that puts on a facade of gender equality.While the constitution and several laws make provisions for the equal treatment and protection of females, few of these laws or constitutional rights are ever enforced.Thankfully, there were women who wanted equal rights and believed no matter what gender a person was they still had the same rights as a man.There were, and still are, many amazing women in history who have made dramatic changes to womens rights.The belief is that when women are married, they essentially become possessions of their male partners.Traditionally, a girl’s family will give her away to a prospective husband of their choosing in exchange for payment.


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