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Additional activities include paid summer internships, career exploration, financial literacy, life skill development workshops and community service activities to help foster leadership, confidence & success.Generously sponsored by: Bank of America & Holcim Since 1980, Your Food Shelf food pantry has been helping low-income seniors and families in our community avoid hunger.

As a school, we encourage pupils to read daily at home and practice their spellings and multiplication tables.

Teachers carry out weekly spelling and multiplication tables tests to encourage this.

Each year, the program helps over 4,000 families avoid hunger.

Generously sponsored by: Presbytery of West Jersey Woodland CDC’s community gardens provide fresh produce to Camden families, seniors and children in order to help combat obesity rates and increase access to healthy foods.

Examples might include designing a poster, writing a leaflet or creating a model.

You might be challenged to visit somewhere new or to interview family and friends on a specific topic.

We also provide opportunities for children to develop English & Maths online through websites such as Bug Club and Mathletics.

Pupils can log in to these via the ‘Learning Zone’ area on our website.

In upper KS2, we also encourage pupils to reflect on their reading and write their own comments.

This helps us to keep track of their reading and gives the children a sense of achievement and also value to their reading skills.


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