World Wide Issues Essay

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Globalization has several definitions, but an undisputable fact which everyone agrees to is the fact that it is a complex process that has wide and varying impacts on economies, both developed and developing.

Looking critically at the concept, globalization in its broadest sense can be said to be a prismatic, complex, and multidisciplinary topic.

For those looking at it from the economic angle, it refers to the increasingly internationalized character of the emerging global economy.

To the lawyers, it has to do with ‘the threatened changes in legal status of states and their citizens” (Saker et al. It means different things to different people, but the bottom-line is that these disciplinary-based viewpoints fail to take into consideration the multiplicity and complexity of change processes, and therefore fail to appreciate their effects, both directly and indirectly.

With millions of cats and dogs killed in shelters every year, nearly all activists agree that people should spay and neuter their pets.

Some activists oppose keeping pets, but no one wants to take your dog from you.

Every animal use and abuse stems from their treatment as human property, to be used for human purposes no matter how trivial.

From a practical standpoint, changing the property status of animals would benefit pets and their human guardians.

Where there is exploitation for money, the potential for abuse is a constant problem.

To achieve the behavior necessary to appear in movies or commercials, animals are often mistreated into submission.


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