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And therefore, it cannot be entertaining to readers.Pulitzer Prize-winning author Toni Morrison once said: Take your time to settle in with the book and make notes as you go along of anything striking that will be good to mention when you write your review.Ultimately, your task as the reviewer is to help readers decide if the book will be good for them to buy or download to their reading device, or if something else could be better suited to them.

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What you could include in the lead paragraph is something about the book that makes it unique or interesting; something that catches people’s attention.

Ask yourself to describe the book in a sentence, and focus on the most important and alluring description in this opening.

Is the reader part of academic circles, a member of an online book club, or the regular reader of glossy magazines?

Do a bit of research into the publication for which you are writing to help you understand your audience.

For instance, a review written for a humorous women’s magazine could be informal and quick-witted.

On the other hand, readers of a more serious academic journal would prefer a more analytical and formal review.The body of the review can include a summary or description of the book (without giving away spoilers! Now’s your chance to dig deeper into the characters. Do you feel that you know them personally after reading the book? What does it say about the world, our society, or the environment, perhaps?Also look into aspects of the plot, such as if it is logical and well mapped, as well as if the storyline leaves too many holes or unresolved issues. Every book has a deeper meaning, even if it doesn’t appear to at first, and this can reflect the author’s life story at times.Here is where notes about your likes or dislikes during the reading of the text will come in handy.However, keep this part of the review as professionally written as the others.Remember you are not rehashing the book’s sequence of events but merely using snippets of what happens in the novel to explain your impression of it so that it is based on fact.In the conclusion of the review, you can offer a bit of your personal impressions of the book.Did the author grow up in poverty, which could be why they are writing about overcoming difficulties?If the book is a more light-hearted work, and you don’t find any deeper meaning, observe its entertainment value.There are critical reviews (you might recall writing evaluations in school or university that involved evaluating the work according to literary standards) and informational or descriptive book reviews.These descriptive reviews are usually published in print periodicals or websites.


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