Write Phd Thesis In 3 Months

This, literally, allowed me to feel the weight of my work, which provided motivation for starting to write the next chapter, to add even more weight. Make sure to write about these, possibly as one or more more to-the-point chapters mentioned above, and explain the loose ends.

I was tempted to skip a few chapters in my thesis, because the associated work was not neatly wrapped up and published.

As you go along with the writing, you might end up focusing on all the work that lies ahead of you and forget the progress you are making.

Therefore, make sure to illustrate this progress to yourself, to continue to build writing momentum.

In the first post, I covered aspects related to preparing the thesis writing, while in the second tips and strategies to get started writing the thesis were presented.

As the thesis submission deadline approaches, it is easy to feel stressed about the chapters that still need to be written.In retrospect, I feel that the longer time I spent on the first couple of chapters was a good investment.It did leave me less time for the final chapters, but also with a clearer idea of how I wanted to structure and approach each chapter, which the final phase of the writing, with less time per chapter, definitely benefited from.As the submission deadline approaches, I bet you will feel pretty fed up working on your thesis.Yet it might be tempting to spend “just a bit more time” on this section or that chapter to polish the arguments and presentation. Instead make sure to finish the chapters you set out to write – and proofread these properly – as well as you can. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that the thesis will be perfect if you spend “just a bit more time”.However, before reading the almost-done thesis to remove typos and change phrasing for clarity, you should take time to read (most of) the thesis to ensure coherence in the presentation.Since you have spent several months writing the thesis, it is very likely that there are repetitions and internal inconsistencies – which this pre-proofreading should resolve.As the submission deadline approaches, however, it is time to finish the layout. So make sure to allocate time for this before the deadline.The layout and small tweaks will add that last touch, which all your hard work in writing up your Ph. Proofreading – as I address below – is mandatory before submitting the thesis.Before you start the proofreading, all bigger changes to the thesis should have been made, for example during the pre-proofreading phase.Such changes often introduce small mistakes and typos, so if during the proofreading you need to make a larger revision, carefully proofread the re-organized parts once more to avoid these typos.


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