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Instead of listing sources and facts, begin with an idea.

Instead of listing sources and facts, begin with an idea.Work on the concept or group of ideas that work towards the narrative you want to present.Many of us feel scared and shy to jump into the fray, but sometimes the best medicine for getting out of the rut is to just do it.

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That being said, it doesn’t have to be a torturing experience, there are some pretty good strategies for overcoming the wall of procrastination and frustration caused by feeling overwhelmed.

Just beginning the process of writing can jump-start the creative process.

Asking yourself questions like this is healthy, and will heighten those critical thinking skills.

It doesn’t mean that every time you ask yourself this you’ve made a mistake, in fact, sometimes it helps reinforce your argument, and serves as a reminder that a statement may need to be backed up on your paper even though you already know its justification in your head.

This is an invaluable skill because it teaches you to correct yourself in a similar way to that of your professor.

Avoid any words or expressions that are judgmental.A common misconception amongst students struggling to write their papers is that one must aim for perfection from the start.This probably stems from the fact that they’re surrounded by eloquent, experienced researchers and read writing that is very polished and highly edited.I’ve seen many students complain about writing assignments because they can’t seem to find a clear direction or come up with an idea, this is especially the case with more open-ended writing assignments.Students stress out of fear of coming up with ideas that are either “unimpressive” or “stupid.” In many cases, this anxiety boils down to factors such as self-confidence or strictness of a professor, not lack of skill.I’ve met students that torture themselves on getting that perfect thesis statement on their first try, but it’s really not an ideal goal to pursue.Writing is a process, and it’s not that surprising to change your mind on a thesis statement by the end of your paper.Writing with this amount of adaptability does mean that you’ll have to become comfortable with making multiple revisions.If you feel particularly uncomfortable beginning the writing process this way, I recommend that you use an app like Evernote or One Note (or a simple sheet of paper or whiteboard) to brainstorm.You’ll quickly realize during the first few minutes that you may lack knowledge on specific details, are unsure about your thesis statement, or feel as though your argument is not coherent.The important thing is that instead of just deleting those sentences and passages, highlight them and add the corresponding comment using your word processor.


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