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Faculty from the Program in Writing and Rhetoric and Program in Academic English will review the online writing placement of students with a combined Critical Reading and Writing score below 1050 to determine placement into the appropriate writing course.

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Students with an Evidence-Based Reading and Writing score of 580 or higher will be placed into WRT 102.

We have also included a link to download the entire placement packet.

(The article which will be the subject of your essay, Seyla Benhabib’s “The Morality of Migration”, is included as a link in the Placement Essay Instructions and also as part of the placement package which can be downloaded.) Seminar preferences and your essay are due Thursday, August 1 at p.m. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Prof.

When assigning students to seminars, the Writing Program will consider several factors: your own appraisal of your writing competency; your preferences for particular courses; SAT and ACT test scores and achievement tests where relevant; and the placement essay which you are being asked to write.

You will receive your seminar placement along with your other placements during the orientation for first year students; your faculty advisor will also be given your writing seminar placement.


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